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COME&COMMUNICATE is a young and modern company that believes in communication as the main strategic weapon for creating, modifying and managing the image of any project or business. Nowadays there is a saturation of messages in the market because information isn’t always well channelled. We make sure the communication of your company is the correct one, in the appropriate channel and that your target audience receives it properly.

The Know How of COME&COMMUNICATE, based on human capital provided by our journalists, publicists, designers and computer experts, is presented as the main asset of this agency and offers channels of communication. Thanks to this Know How, and to our years of experience in design, communication and marketing, corporate image, events and web pages, we can encompass all the communicative needs of any company.

COME&COMMUNICATE studies the different characteristics of each company in order to tailor messages to their profile, needs and expectations. In this way, we can choose the means and develop more appropriate strategies, in order to achieve a more effective communication when consolidating businesses, creating corporate images, expanding markets and increasing your company’s profits.

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Nowadays we can see how companies need a more integrated communication, in accordance with these days and the new advertising media. For this reason, before communicating, the image that has to be projected should be defined. At C&C, we provide each client with specific codes of communication and marketing, according to the elements conditioning their environment and objectives in order to be able to differentiate and highlight their products and services from the competence with:

For C&C the market, project or size of the company does not matter, as communication is present in any situation or activity. Nowadays any company of products and services that wants to be in the market has to communicate it. This is where our slogan comes from “If you don’t communicate, you don’t exist. Shall we talk?”.

At C&C we offer you Global Communication that influences upon the corporate image and perception that the public has of your company.

  • Commercial Communication: with consumers who have influence on the buying process.
  • Internal Communication: with employees, to obtain their support and integration.
  • Institutional Communication: with the media, local community or public opinion.
  • Industrial Communication: with the agents involved in the preparation of the products or services of the company.
  • Advantages of this type of campaign:
    + The low cost and the speed when launching new products and offers.
    + To plan direct and relational personalized marketing campaigns.
    + To manage massive mailings of newsletters or to your client portfolio.
    + Integrate Email Marketing campaigns into your website.
    Steps to follow:
    1. Design: We design your campaign according to the image you want to transmit.
    2. Approval: Once the design has been approved we will send your campaign.
    3. Database: If you don’t have one, we can create it according to your needs.
    4. Delivery: Upon completion, you will receive a report with the results of the campaign.
    + We personalise your page and we update your wall posts and activity.
    + We increase the number of fans and measure their level of commitment.
    + We build a microblogging presence for all your social networks.
    + We guarantee a communication channel with access to millions of users..
    Our Community Managers will help you to:
    1. Listen: the client’s opinions for the company’s processes.
    2. Talk: it is necessary to communicate and maintain a feedback with your clients.
    3. Transmit: use social networks to increase the effectiveness of the word of mouth.
    4. Integrate: carry out market research in order to better understand clients.
    Every event, fair or exhibition has its own characteristics and requires independent organization. For this reason, C&C guides you through investing in design and communication in order to get the image of innovation, quality, competitiveness, technology and leadership which your company wishes to convey, at the same time helping to minimise unexpected turns and last minute problems at your event, fair or exhibition.
    We offer the following services for companies:
    1. Conferences and breakfast meetings.
    2. Presentation of products or services.
    3. Fairs and exhibitions.
    4. Business meetings.

    Communication and Marketing 360º

    We design your website according to your company's image. We establish objectives which, in each case, must comply with your company's web (sales, webinars, commercial contacts, branding, online stores...). We use the latest technologies in design, positioning and web development to optimize and facilitate to the maximum their visibility in the search engines for internet. We work with international standards so that our pages are perfectly visible in any browser and resolution. We will always try to innovate your website through:

    Our clients are committed to C&C by its great combination of technology and creativity-online, as not all companies that are dedicated to design and web development can guarantee both. We design websites in any programming language.
    We provide a full range of CMS and ECM services that will help you reduce the cost of your business.
    We offer a wide variety of websites and online stores with solutions tailored to your needs, including: Programming: HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP.NET, Ajax, Flash, etc. CMS: for WordPress, Dupral, Joomla!, etc. Payment gateways: credit card, transfer, paypal, etc. Web reports: web traffic, visits chart by location, etc. Technical support: by our computer technicians.
    Do you want to improve the positioning of your website? Our experts will structure the programming of your website to improve the positioning of your page in the main internet search engines. They will coordinate the pay-per-click advertisements (SEM) together with an optimization of your website in the major search engines (SEO), advicing when to use one or other technique.
    Bearing in mind that most of the search engines analyze how other web pages are connected to your website, we offer you a variety of techniques that will help you increase your number of visits and number of PageRank. In order to do this, we use web analytics tools, planning and purchase of online media and social media optimization (SMO).
    Don’t waste more time! Discover our amazing offers on Hosting. If you are hosting one or more web pages, (basic, blog, online community or a site that processes hundreds of transactions per day), and your server is slow or unreliable, select one of our hosting solutions (web hosting) or mix and adjust them as you may think they fit best in your business.
    From servers ideal for average content web pages and applications of databases, up to dedicated servers with unlimited root access. With our servers you will modify at the time you wish the number of CPUs, memory RAM and the hard disk capacity. You may also be interested in: web design and development, web positioning, e-mail marketing campaigns and applications for mobiles.
    Applications for mobile devices will allow you to: adapt the huge number of opportunities they offer in accordance with the needs of your business, increase your sales and that the user interacts with your company brand and incorporate mobile devices into your company’s technology strategy. There are applications for different platforms:
    ANDROID Applications: is a free operating system that is every day present in last generation phones. iPAD applications: if you want to be at the forefront in terms of new technologies, this is your platform. iPHONE applications: not only it will modernize your image, but also you will reach clients in a direct and uncomplicated way.

    We raise your website to a higher level

    In this area of the agency, we photograph, design and distribute digital images, from creative photographs up to informative, cultural, sports and artistic photographs. The work of our professional photographers adapts to each need based on three parameters: simplicity, relevance and experience. And in all of them there is a very definite style: bright and evocative images that help to communicate and sell.

    Do you need images and do not have neither the time nor the means to dispose of them? At C&C we offer:
    1. Images to decorate web pages, newsletters, brochures or catalogues.
    2. Event coverage of any kind and photo shoots.
    3. Production of corporate and informative videos for your web.
    4. Photo editing: photo restoration, photocomposition, colouring black and white photos, etc.

    Our best image is your image

    We design clear, unique and appropriate ideas for each client. We are able to work at the service of the objectives of your company or business, and design projects or campaigns for any support and sector. Our creative department formed by illustrators, layout designers and graphic design experts, specializes in corporate identity, advertising campaigns, design of publications and websites.

    Design is a communication tool rather than an inspiring intention. In this sense C&C works to:

    1. Promote the exercise of reflection of who we are, what we do and with what values.
    2. Communicate the essential ideas that define the company.
    3. Improve the public’s perception of your brand.
    4. Define a clear corporate image as the DNA of your brand.

    We design to make your ideas come to life

    Thanks to our experience in top-level national and international events, we can offer you our integral services of press and communication strategies necessary to achieve the greatest effectiveness and profitability in this market. A sports event generates experiences, emotions and memories, that are perceived through the five senses. At C&C, when organizing a sporting event, we put into practice our five senses of communication: sports management, graphic design, web development, media relations and sports photography.

    At C&C we study the needs of the company in order to be able to provide specific advice on what to communicate, to whom communicate it and how to direct the information to the media. We transform the event message into news of general interest to increase the credibility of the released material.
    We plan and design the press service of your event by building relationships with the media through various channels: Press and Communication Services. Marketing and Advertising. Web Design and Programming. Blogs and Social Networks. Sports Photography.
    Our sports management plans include planning reports (to develop a roadmap with all the actions that will take place in the event and its timing), Management (contact and meetings with everyone involved in the event: suppliers, participants, security, etc.) and Monitoring (follow-up detailed report in the media).
    In addition, we look for a strategic positioning in each event and we do this by focusing on the current situation of the company, its communication guidelines and objectives. We develop and implement a tailored strategy together with our clients, in order to apply the tools of communication and marketing that contribute to the success of your sports event.
    C&C deals with building a brand image that associates the values of your company with the event that is going to be sponsored. And we do this by focusing on four actions:
    1. The analysis of competition: who they are, where they are, which size they are and the evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of their products or services.

    2. The search for sponsors: planning for the acquisition of funds and media coverage.
    3. Media campaigns: aimed at raising awareness among investors and the public opinion.
    4. Communication and PR actions: a program of public relations activities in order to increase the visibility and credibility of your event.

    We put all five senses with each event


    Send us an e-mail and request a quote for your project or company. Let us advise you among other things about our services of design, positioning and web development, the benefits of social networks or the implementation of online marketing campaigns to increase sales.

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